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Daniel Herres

About Autograph USA Founder Daniel Herres

Daniel has proven himself as a leader in the rarities industry. He's acted as the Vice President of National Gold & Silver Refinery since 2007, working with over 150,000 customers and overseeing $100 million in sales.

In his time working at National Gold & Silver Refinery, he's inspected, evaluated and authenticated thousands of coins, precious metals, diamonds, autographs and fine watches over the last decade.

Daniel has been collecting autographs since he was 8 years old and he hasn't stopped since. He's personally amassed a collection that includes the autographs of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln over the years.

It's our passion

Autograph USA was launched in December, 2012 when successful entrepreneur Daniel Herres set out to pursue his true passion: creating a business that deals with authentic autographs of the world's most powerful, historic figures.

With the help of Autograph USA, buyers can bring a special piece of history into their home and sellers can share their momentous collections with the world. We connect autograph collectors worldwide with the rarest and most desirable signatures.

Whether you decide to purchase an autograph of a U.S. President or a signed jersey of record-setting football player from Autograph USA, you can feel secure about any purchase you make with us. We are one of the few companies in the industry that backs every piece we sell with a money-back guarantee of authenticity to the original purchaser, without time limit, for every autograph sold.

Autograph USA is a member of the following:

Manuscript Society
American Numismatic Association
Universal Autograph Collectors Club (registered dealer)

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